Tagz- An Healthy Snack Brand.

I had visited Soul Santé- A flee market lately on 8th March. Just to give a brief, Soul Santé bridges the gap between budding entrepreneurs and end consumers. The target audience would explore all uncommon crafts and hand-made innovations. Amidst all exploring, I found something intriguing. Food always struck me and “tagz” is one such brand to be the show-stealer discussed in this blog. Tagz is a GenZ snack brand that expertise in flavorful and lip-smacking snacks. The interesting catch is that the potato fritters are neither baked nor fried. I got a chance to interact with Sagar (Co-Founder). He said, we took almost 10 months to manufacture this product and we could succeed with the help of cutting edge technology (advanced) with high pressure and temperature without oil. He further added that we have commenced 2 months back and the product is available on Amazon and other many supermarkets in Bangalore. They were branding with Tagz T-shirts doing a phenomenal sample activity by making us taste all the flavors. The company offers in cream and onion, masala and salt.


The co-founder also added when inquired that the idea of keeping “tagz” as our company name was that the concept was exclusive designed for the Gen Z audience and with the advent of digital marketing landscape, a small name would be quintessential for a quick recall and foster a long lasting connection. A classic example of “consumer premier brands”. Determining the lifetime value (LTV) and the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) will navigate the company miles away.

I loved all the flavors but my personal favorite is cream and onion. I love the concept as it’s healthy and tasty. India’s first popped potato chips-Never Fried, Never Baked. Do shower some love. Below are the links for a better clarity and easy order. Despite only having one product in their portfolio, the company had the courage to launch it with aplomb.


#50%LessFat #NoTransFat #NoCholesterol #NoArtificialFlavors #NoPreservatives #NoPalmOil #NoGluten #FITLITSNACKTIVITY



Amidst covid-19, named as global outbreak, the company made it easier by attaching a sanitizer sachet to all the packs hence spreading a very relevant and powerful message. A brand walks miles away not only to ensure consumer satisfaction but also maintain customer delight. This company has created high brand affinity and has executed out of the box thinking in their striking campaign.


Below are the links for all the needed information and placing hassle-free order.








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